Sacred Pathways

Discover ancient petroglyphs and sacred spaces.

Much like the interconnected rivers you’ll witness from the sky, this experience inspires a deeper connection to the land and its First Peoples.

The Stòlō nation (People of the River) have inhabited this land for thousands of years. As we soar through the mountains, you’ll hear their stories and learn about the rich history of this region. Once we land, we’ll walk along an old trade route towards a towering rock face permeated with petroglyphs. You’ll feel it in the air—the deep meaning and stored energy that this sacred place beholds.




$3280Entire aircraft—up to 5 seats

What's Included

  • The entire aircraft for your group—up to 5 people
  • One-two hour experience flying around BC’s coastal mountains
  • One-two hours to explore historical and ecological wonders on-foot, lead by expert outdoor
  • experience leaders
  • First Nations Storytellers take you on an educational journey of the region
  • Gourmet catered lunch featuring locally-grown and prepared ingredients

What To Bring


  • Wear a t-shirt and long pants
  • Wear hiking or waterproof boots
  • Bring a backpack with an extra sweater and warm socks
  • Pack a reusable water bottle
  • Pack sunscreen, bug repellent and sunglasses


  • All of the above, plus:
  • A warm jacket, ideally water-resistant
  • Toque
  • Gloves
View of the mountains and tree from the Librico Helicopter during a heli tour
View of the treetops on a chartered heli tour with Librico Helicopters in BC
Two Librico Helicopters team members Adam Palmer and Don Froese
Librico Helicopter with snowy trees in the background
The petroglyphs of the Stòlō nation (People of the River)
Librico Helicopters' Don Froese sharing about the Stòlō nation (People of the River) petroglyphs
Don Froese talking about Stòlō nation (People of the River) petroglyphs
Librico Helicopters' Don Froese at the foot of the petroglyphs
Stòlō nation (People of the River) petroglyphs
Dirt and Ice
Two men walking through the snow by a helicopter
Pilot John Faulkner sitting beside the Falcon helicopter
Woman taking a picture while on a heli tour with Librico Helicopters